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Before you proceed to a pre-adoption form please take the time to ensure that:

  • You have everything required to complete the form to hand

  • You are able to meet our minimum adoption requirements in their entirety

  • The enclosure is set up and ready to go

  • You are able to complete the adoption within the next 7 days

We are unable to process and accept home offers which:

  • Have not included the required information/images as requested in the pre-adoption form

  • Do not meet our minimum requirements for adoption

  • Do not have enclosures fully set up or not yet delivered/ordered

  • Are not able to complete the adoption within 7 days

Let's get you started...

To complete the pre-adoption form you will need:

To meet our minimum adoption requirements for rabbits you will need:

An enclosure/space measuring a MINIMUM of 60ftsq - for example this could be 10ftx6ft (3m x 1.82m) or 5ftx12ft  (1.52m x 3.65) with a minimum height of 3ft (90cm) for enclosures. 

For outdoor rabbits, the enclosure must be fully secure with suitable fox proof wire, a secure roof which provides shelter from rain, and situated on a suitable base i.e. concrete or paving slabs to prevent rabbits digging out or

foxes digging in - for more information on how to achieve this click here. You can also check out our blog on housing outdoor rabbits here

For house rabbits, the space will need to be fully rabbit proofed, including removing or protecting electrical cables. For more information click here

Suitable enrichment items to stimulate physical and mental exercise - you can find out more about enrichment here 

To provide a suitable diet to promote good dental and gut health - you can find more information here

Zero Tolerance Policy - rude and abusive emails will not receive a reply.  Our entire team works incredibly hard to help as many animals as possible under very challenging circumstances. Our sole purpose is to ensure continued high welfare standards for the animals in our care. If you are unable/unwilling to meet these standards you will not be able to adopt.

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