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Sponsor a Rabbit at Nibbles

When you sponsor a sanctuary rabbit at Nibbles, you'll be keeping a special needs bun happy, hoppy and healthy. Our sanctuary program provides a life-long home to rabbits with on-going health or behavioural problems which would otherwise make them hard to re-home.  Whether they live with us at HQ or in a life-long foster home, we never give up on a rabbit with a manageable condition and your support makes that possible. 

Becoming a sponsor for £8.00 a month or £75.00 a year, keeps our sponsorship program running and providing a life long home to these buns who need extra care and attention. You'll also receive our monthly newsletter to keep you up to date with our work and our quarterly reports so you can see first hand the difference your support has made.

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Meet the Sanctuary Rabbits and Find your Perfect Match

Alfie - The Brave


Alfie lives with Clare & is a very brave bun.  No matter what's come his way he's willing to give it a go &  try his best. He doesn't dwell on the past but looks forward to each new day.

Arrived in 2021 as part of a welfare case and suffers from a birth defect to his eyes. DOB 2021

Sponsored by:

Gill Osborne, Lee Watkins, Clare Smythe, Angela Stevenson, Rebekah Humphreys & Robert Cooke

Nigel - The Misunderstood


Nigel lives at HQ, so he can stay with his favourite human, Siobhan. How do we know she's his favourite? Because she's the only person he's never bitten! Nigel was badly tormented by children in his previous home, which has left him very untrusting of humans and prone to random acts of violence, unless you're Siobhan, who can snuggle and smooth him all day long.

Arrived in 2021 after attacking a child and being labelled a demon rabbit Estimated DOB 2020

Sponsored by: Elaine Haywood, Eliot Carrington-Windo, Wendy Moore, Rob Sharratt, Katie Murphy & Fiona McMeekin

Ginger - The Diva

Ginger thank you_edited.jpg

Ginger lives with Rachel and her husbun Lori.  She most definitely has big aspirations to become a social media star and demands that she is always centre of attention.  Ginger loves a fuss and is happy to push in.

Arrived in 2018 as an unwanted pet and suffers from reoccurring EC. Estimated DOB 2017

Sponsored by:

Amy Herridge, Emma FitzWalter, Michelle Leyand, Emma Cuthbert, Kelsey Peek, Loretta Taylor, Marcus Beale & Alice deSte Croix

Sponsorship makes a great gift for the rabbit fan in your life who has everything and you can choose to pay monthly or annually.  As a sponsor your name will be listed on our website. 

Zizi - The Dude


Zizi lives with Abi and her family and thoroughly enjoys the busy family life.  He loves to chill on the sofa on movie nights, snuggling on the bed for a bedtime story and hanging with his little humans.

Arrived in 2020 as an unwanted pet and suffered from diabetes. Estimated DOB 2015

Sponsored by:

Amy Herridge, Sally Oliver, Shannon Hyland & Angelle Gutierrez

Due to his advancing age Zizi is no longer accepting new sponsors

Tim - The Happy Guy


Tim lives at HQ and is happily bonded with Georgie. He's such a happy chap and sees every day as a blessing.  Tim hasn't had an easy journey and we came very close to loosing him at one stage.

Arrived in 2021 and suffers from dental issues, diabetic issues and suspected mega colon. Estimated DOB 2019

Sponsored by:

Linda Nelson, Mary Gibby, Chris Mineham, & Sarah Seaton

Georgie - The Scatty One


Georgie lives at HQ and is happily bonded with Tim.  She's a complete scatter brain who gets so over excited about absolutely anything that she forgets what she's doing and hops in circles. 

Arrived in 2021 and suffers from dental issues and a heart defect.  Estimated DOB 2020

Sponsored by:

Lauren Williams. Sian Field, Margaret Anthony, Adam Robson-Elliott, Julie-Ann Powles, Kevin Bates & Katy Mumford

Sponsors receive a welcome pack which includes a letter from their sponsored rabbit, a certificate of sponsorship, 6x4 photo, keyring, pen and car sticker along with a card at Christmas and on Valentines Day. 

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Other Ways to Support Nibbles

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