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Who are we & What do we do

How We Started

Nibbles was born in January 2015 after Siobhan realised there was very limited rescue support available to rabbits and rodents within West Wales. Originally asked to help find suitable rescue placements for over 100 rabbits in Newcastle Emlyn, Siobhan couldn't ignore the problem and gave over her home and heart to provide these generally forgotten about companion animals with a dedicated and specialist rescue able to support them when they needed it the most.

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Despite being the Nation's third favourite pet, rabbits remain the most neglected and misunderstood companion animal. 

Often viewed as great 'starter pets' for children and a low maintenance, cheaper alternative to a dogs and cats, rabbits are purchased without due consideration to their long-term care and welfare needs. This is further compounded by frequent miss-sexing and the resulting unwanted litters which drastically increase the numbers needing urgent help from rescues. Rescues catering for rabbits, all across the UK, simply can't keep up with the desperate requests for help and it's no different here at Nibbles.

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Here at Nibbles we are passionate about rabbits and rodents and their care and welfare.

We work tirelessly to help as many animals as physically and financially possible and our small team strongly believes that rabbits and rodents deserve the same standards of rescue support commonly afforded to dogs and cats. All of our rabbits are neutered and vaccinated and many require dental work before they can find new homes. We also neuter all male guinea pigs and mice prior to adoption and other single male rodents when needed to provide easier re-homing with company.

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We never give up on finding every animal that comes into our care their very own forever home, whether that takes weeks, months or even years.

We never put a healthy animal to sleep and will keep them safe and care for until they find their very own furrytail ending. We also offer a full 'back up for life' service and require that any animal adopted from Nibbles is returned to our care in the event adopters can no longer continue to care for them.  All home offers are carefully vetted to ensure they have fully considered the long-term care and welfare needs of the animals and are able to provide a suitable and enriching environment. 

Our sanctuary program provides a life-long home to rabbits and rodents with special needs.

In some cases animals arrive in our care suffering from on-going health or behavioural problems which would make it difficult for them to find a suitable forever home. We remain committed to these animals and providing them with a happy and fulfilled life through our sanctuary program.  Some of our sanctuary animals live at the centre, while others are cared for in long-term foster homes. Nibbles remains responsible for their on-going veterinary care, ensuring they can continue to enjoy life to its fullest. 

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Welcome to Nibbles
Welcome to Nibbles

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Entering Nibbles
Entering Nibbles

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Our Storage Shed
Our Storage Shed

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Welcome to Nibbles
Welcome to Nibbles

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Take a Virtual Tour of Nibbles

Nibbles is situated within Siobhan's and Shirley's small holding and the area was originally destined to be a veg patch.


We currently have 18 rabbit units consisting of a mixture of singles kennels and pens suitable for pairs and trios.  We have the space prepared to build more housing in the future when we have funding in place. 

Our dedicated rodent cabin has electric allowing for heating, dehumidifier and fan to keep our smaller guests comfortable all year round. We also have an office and large storage shed.

Meet the Team


Siobhan has always had a passion for all animals and a special love for rabbits and rodents.  She is always found getting on with one job or another and is very rarely still. Siobhan also enjoys knitting, jewellery making and other crafts.

Siobhan - Chair & Centre Manager


Shirley loves all animals, especially her two geese Bill & Teddi. She is easy to find every afternoon at 3:30pm giving the buns their pellets and a little treat at bed time. Shirley also enjoys a good drama on the telly with her cat Rollo and is an avid fan of the Archers.

Shirley - Trustee & Treasurer


Rachel has always had a love of rabbits and cats.  She has a very stressful job and coming home to her furry family keeps her smiling.  Rachel loves spending her free time with her animals and also enjoys singing.  She also fosters two of our sanctuary rabbits.

Rachel - Trustee & Sectary


Margaret originally started as our rodent care volunteer until she moved away from the area to be closer to family. She is now a valuable member of our committee, helping with HR and other regulations. Margaret is a bit of a history buff and enjoys a good book in the evening.

Margaret- Trustee & HR

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Clare joined us as a rabbit care volunteer and continues to help with the day-to-day care of the rabbits on Saturdays.  She joined us a a trustee to help oversee the running of the charity as she is regularly on site.  Clare loves an early morning sea swim even during the winter and enjoys running.

Clare- Trustee 


Abi joined us as a volunteer back in early 2020 and quickly fell in love with the rescue. She accepted the assistant manager position in 2021, but continues to donate more hours than she's paid for.  Abi enjoys spending time with her young family and recently taken up playing rugby.

Abi- Assistant Manager


Jess joined us in July 2021 to undertake her level 2 NVQ in animal care and welfare.  She is staying with us for the next 24 months to undertake her level 3. Jess loves all animals and has her own menagerie at home.  She also love shopping and spending time with her friends

Jess- Senior Animal Care Assistant


Evelyn is our longest standing volunteer and has been helping with the day to day care of the rabbits since 2018. She is here come rain or shine every Wednesday without fail. Evelyn enjoys discovering new places with her dog Soxy and spending time with her rabbits,

Evelyn- Rabbit Care Volunteer


Karen has been volunteering every Wednesday since 2019 after moving to the area.  She arrives each week with a big smile, regardless of the weather. Karen enjoys baking, spending time with her family and looks forward to her day of bunny therapy every week

Karen- Rabbit Care Volunteer


If you ask Neil, he'll say he was forced into volunteering by his wife Clare.  However, we all think he secretly really enjoys his time at Nibbles and definitely loves all the buns.  Neil is passionate about the environment and growing his own veg. He is also loves a good read in the evenings.

Neil- Rabbit Care Volunteer

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We are always looking for additional help, especially with the day to day care of the animals at the rescue. 

Check out the current opportunities we have available! We can wait to welcome you to the team.

Want to Join Us?