About Nibbles

Here at Nibbles we are passionate about rodents and rabbits and their care and welfare.  We believe that these delightful, yet often misunderstood, companion animals deserve the same standards of rescue support commonly afforded to dogs and cats. Frequently viewed as easy to obtain and cheap to keep, with minimal commitment needed from owners, just helps to contribute to the idea that they are just as easy to dispose of when children grow bored or the chore of cleaning cages becomes arduous.   

Founded in January 2015, in response to the limited rescue support available to domestic rabbits and rodents within West Wales, Nibbles set out with the aim of creating a rescue and rehoming centre which solely specialised in the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of these little creatures, which are often limited or totally excluded from more established rescue channels.

We are a small organisation, run by a small but dedicated team.  The centre is housed on a small holding owned by Siobhan and Shirley and is home to the rabbits and rodents we have available for adoption.  The centre is located near to Crymych on the Pembrokeshire boarder and we can currently cater for around 30-40 rodents and rabbits at any one time. We have a small wonderful team of volunteers who give up their time on a weekly basis to help with the day-to-day care of the animals.

To keep the centre open and available to rabbits and rodents in need of rescue help, Nibbles is totally reliant on donations and fundraising. Our annual running costs are increasing year on year and we need your support now more than ever to continue to provide West Wales with its own specialist rabbit and rodent rescue. 

To help ensure that the animals in our care find forever homes with adopters who can correctly provide for their individual needs we have an adoption process which is like that of rescues catering for dogs and cats.  We don’t believe that a hamster is ‘just a hamster’, and as a result, our animals are looking for new homes with families who have carefully considered the responsibilities of owning an animal and being able and prepared to meet the needs of that animal in their entirety.  The rabbits in our care are not made available for adoption until they have been neutered and are brought up to date with Nobivac Plus vaccine.

Meet The Team


Founder, Chair, Centre Manager

Siobhan has always had a deep love for all animals, especially rodents and rabbits. She also enjoys knitting, jewellery making and other crafting.




Trustee, Secretary

Rachel loves all animals, especially rabbits and is a founding member of Team Nibbles.  Outside of her hectic day job, Rachel loves to unwind with her own animals which includes rabbits, cats, ducks, chickens, and even two sheep.  



Trustee, Treasurer

Shirley loves all animals, despite being allergic to many of them. She also enjoys cooking and good food, and has been trying to learn Welsh for 3 years.




Trustee, Digital Media Manager

Charlotte loves bunnies and is a devoted bunny slave.  She puts her talents and her passion together to create our digital media and design.  In her spare time she loves outdoor activities and hiking.