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You can become a vital part of our mission to make a real life difference and change little lives for the better. Every donation helps us continue to provide the very best care for the animals at the centre. By joining our team and supporting our work, you are actively making a difference in the lives of these animals. There are many ways to support Nibbles, and the animals in need of your help.  Scroll down to find out how you can help today!


We appreciate and thank you for your support and for caring about these little lives as much as we do.

Become a Superhero

A monthly gift is the best way to be a superhero for animals in need of Nibbles. By pledging your support, you can help give animals a second chance at life. Pledges go towards providing food, veterinary care, and a safe place for animals to live until they find a forever home. Your support makes a real difference in the lives of animals in need, so please join our superheroes and make your pledge today.

Become a Special Someone

Sometimes rabbits arrive into our care with ongoing health or behavioural problems. We offer these rabbits a home for life through our sanctuary program. You can help support them and become their special someone by becoming a sponsor. Your sponsored bun will send you a letter and a welcome pack, along with a card at Christmas and on Valentines day.

No Matter How Long it Takes!

We never give up on finding that perfect forever home for the animals in our care, whether that takes weeks, months, or even, years. Becoming a hutch sponsor provides clean litter trays, comfy beds and all you can eat hay buffets until that special day arrives and keeps our guests happy, hoppy and healthy. Your sponsorship makes a huge difference to the animals in our care.

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Change a Little Life

By making a donation to Nibbles you will help to change a little life for the better. Your donations will help us provide necessary veterinary care, such as vaccinations, neutering, dental work, and treatment for illness and injury. With your help, we can ensure that all the animals in our care receive the quality care they deserve. Help us give these animals a second chance at life by donating today.

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You Shop They Donate

Join our army of online shoppers raising free funds for Nibbles! By making one simple change to the way you shop online, you can make a big change to the lives of the animals needing our help.  It's 100% free, doesn't cost you anything extra and makes a huge difference to the animals in need of help. Sign up to Easy Fundraising now and start collecting donations today.

Practical Gifts Make a Big Difference

We are always looking for donations of toys, treats, food, and cleaning supplies to keep the animals happy, safe, and fed. Practical donations like these make a big difference to the animals in our care, and we are immensely grateful for any and all support. We have a list of items we need on our Amazon and Just4Rabbits wish lists, so please take a look to see how you can help. Thank you for your generous donations.

Tasty Healthy Hay for Everybun!

When you shop for hay at Healthy Herby and mention Nibbles at checkout, our buns get a box of hay too!  Yep, that's free hay for the buns to enjoy while they wait for their special forever home. From timothy to orchard hay and flower and herb mixes, Healthy Herby have a great selection for even the most discerning of buns. Check them out today and help a bun in rescue too!

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Volunteer with Nibbles 

Volunteering at Nibbles is a rewarding and fulfilling experience. You will be part of a fun and friendly team, make friends along the way, and have the opportunity to give something back. By volunteering, you can make a big difference to a little life and be part of something special. You can be sure that you will be rewarded with the satisfaction that you have made a positive contribution to the lives of animals in need.

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