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Nibbles is run by a very small and busy team, unfortunately we aren't always able to reply to general enquiries quickly and efficiently.  Please use our FAQ to answer frequently asked questions quickly and easily. 

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Q: How do I adopt from Nibbles?

A: We've done everything we can to make our adoption process quick and easy, but this does rely on you completing the process correctly. You can find all the information you need to start the process here and we have a list of animals currently available for adoption here. This list automatically updates on a daily basis, so if you don't see the species listed it's because we either don't have the animals in our care or they aren't ready to leave us just yet. 


Q: Can I visit the centre to meet the animals before I adopt?


A: Yes you can, but this is conditional on the completion and review of a pre-adoption form.  Due to the very small team running the rescue, we do not currently have the resources available to cater for visits prior to the submission and review of a pre-adoption form. Appointments to visit are available during our office hours only.

Q: Do I have to have a homecheck to adopt?

A: In most cases the answer is no.  We ceased carrying out physical homechecks during the pandemic and found that this speeded up the overall process from 7-14 days to 3-7 days.  We may ask to speak to you over the phone, or carry out a virtual homecheck via video link.  In some cases a physical homecheck may still be necessary, but this is very rare.


Q: Do you have minimum housing requirements & adoption fees?

A: Yes we do! Minimum housing requirements are in place to provide animals with the best possible environment for optimal welfare. Please note this is the minimum and in an ideal world should be larger and we encourage all owners to provide over the minimum where possible. We understand that to the layperson our requirements may seems excessive, however, this is the result of there being no legislation in place to regulate the size of housing for companion animals such as rabbits and rodents and only encourages low welfare standards in the pet trade.  Please read our related blog article here.  You can find out the minimum requirements for each animal as part of their adoption profile and we provide more advice and information in our care sheets and in our pre-adoption guides

We do have minimum adoption fees which can be found in each animals' adoption profile.  These fees help support our work at Nibbles, but never cover the costs involved for each animals care and (if needed) veterinary treatment. All adoption fees are placed towards our on-going veterinary bills.


Q: Do you neuter all rodents?

A: No, we don't neuter all rodents but we do neuter all male guinea pigs prior to making them available for adoption.  We will also neuter all male mice to allow them to live with companions.  Other male rodents we take on a case by case basis and usually we will neuter males which arrive as singles, allowing them to find homes with female companions. 


Q: Are all your rabbits neutered & vaccinated?


A: Yes they are! Rabbits will only be listed for adoption once they have been vaccinated against myxomatosis and RHD 1&2 and have been neutered.  Any required dental work will also be carried out before they become available for adoption. 

Q: What happens if an adopted rabbits doesn't get on with my rabbit?

A: We always hold a placement available for immediate return to the centre for 6 weeks after adoption.  This allows plenty of time for adopters to carry out the bonding process at home without rushing.  After this 6 week period, we are unable to hold a placement for immediate return, but will place the adopted rabbit at the top of our waiting list for the next available placement. We are unable to give any estimation with regard to the length of time it will take for space to become available, but we will do all we can to work with adopters to make this happen as quickly as possible.  You are also able to choose a different rabbit to try should bonding be unsuccessful the first time around. 


Q: What happens if I can no longer keep an animal I adopted?


A: As part of our adoption T&C's any animal adopted from the rescue MUST be returned to the rescue, in the event that the adopter is unable to continue to provide a home.

Q: Will you bond my rabbit with one of your rabbits?

A: At present we are unable to offer an on-site bonding service due to a lack of facilities and a lack of time to carry out the bonding process. We are hope to rectify this in the future when funding is available to increase our rabbit housing.

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Q: Will you collect my pet?

A: We do not have the resources available to collect pets. You will need to bring your pet to the centre, which is located in between Eglwyswrw and Rhos Hill. We are only able to cater for appointments during our office hours.


Q: Do you take in ferrets?


A: No, we are unable to cater for ferrets and do not have the facilities to do so.  The most local rescue able to cater for ferrets is Greenacres Animal Rescue in Haverfordwest.

Q: I've found a wild rabbit/rodent will you help?

A: We are NOT able to cater for any wildlife. Our team does not have the required specialist experience to deal with wildlife rehabilitation and we do not have the facilities available to house wildlife. The most local wildlife rescue we are aware of is Call of the Wild Wildlife Rescue


Q: Do I have to pay a fee to hand in my pet?


A: We don't have a mandatory fee when surrendering a pet, however, we do urge you to make a donation towards the costs associated with keeping the rescue open and running.  Nibbles is 100% reliant on donations and fundraising to keep the rescue open and like all rescues we have to pay for all of our veterinary fees.

Q: How long will I have to wait before you can help? 

A: Unfortunately we are unable to give any indication or estimate as to how long you will have to wait before space becomes available to help. We are limited by available accommodation for the animals, available funding to provide for the animals and available manpower to care for the animals. Space becomes available when animals are adopted from the centre.  

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Q: How old do I have to be to volunteer?

A: Volunteers must be 18 years or over. Due to the very small team running the rescue we do not have the resources available to put the required policies into place to cater for those under the age of 18. 


Q: Do you offer work experience placements?


A: We are unable to offer work experience placements in most cases. We are only able to offer Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays & Saturdays 9am-1pm and in many cases this does not meet the minimum requirements for work experience placements.  We are also only able to accept volunteers who are 18 or over. 

Q: Can I volunteer as a vulnerable adult?

A: Unfortunately we are unable to accept volunteers who are considered as vulnerable adults.  This is due to the nature of our work and volunteer responsibilities and due to the policies we would need to have in place. We have such a small team running the rescue, we do not have the resources available to offer such placements.


Q: Can I get to the centre using public transport?


A: No, you will need your own transport to get to the centre.

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Q: Can I donate a rabbit hutch, run or other rodent/rabbit housing?

A: Thank you for thinking of us, however, we are unable to accept physical donations of animal housing.  We are limited on space and manpower at the rescue and therefore only able to cater for a finite number of animals at any time.  We therefore already have enough housing to accommodate the number of animals we are physically and financially able to house.


Q: Can I donate unwanted rabbit or rodent food?


A: To help prevent stomach upsets, we only feed Science Selective at the rescue.  We are unable to make use of other food brands.  

Q: Can I donate water bottle, toys, food bowls, litter trays and other accessories?

A: Thank you for thinking of us, however, we generally have plenty of these items already.  We only have limited storage and are unable to give over space to store such items. 

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Q: My pet is sick, will you give me advice?

A: No! If you are at all worried about your pet's health you MUST seek the advice of a qualified and experienced exotics vet.  We recommend Origin Vets for those located in West Wales and Origin Vets Clinic for those located in South Wales.  Please do not rely on advice from internet searches or provided on Facebook. 


Q: Can you give me general advice about my pet?


A: You can find basic care and welfare information in our care sheets and we have lots of informative blog articles. We also have information about housing as part of our pre-adoption guides. Unfortunately we are unable to offer a personal advice service due to our extremely limited resources.

Q: Can you give me specific advice about my pet?

A: We would love to be able to offer a personal advice service, but due to our extremely limited resources we are simply unable to offer this service at this time. You can find basic care and welfare information in our care sheets and we have lots of informative blog articles. We also have information about housing as part of our pre-adoption guides.


Q: Will you look after my pets while I'm on holiday?


A: We do not offer a boarding service for rabbits and rodents while owners are away.  We do not have the space or manpower to offer this service.

Q: Do you bring your animals to events?

A: No we do not. Rabbits and rodents are prey animals and would therefore find this very stressful. We prioritise the welfare of our animals over making any financial gains by attending such events.


Q: Can you help me with vets fees?


A: Unfortunately we do not currently have the funding available to help members of the public cover the costs of veterinary fees. We highly recommend pet insurance to help with unexpected costs.