How do I adopt from Nibbles?

All of the rabbits and rodents we have available for adoption can be found here, we update this list once a week with any new arrivals or animals who have been adopted.  To start our adoption process simply click on the 'adopt me/us' button within the animals' profile which will take you to our adoption application form.

Do you have minimum housing requirements and adoption fees?

Yes we do, all of this information can be found within each animals' profile on the adoption page.  There are also downloadable PDF files which contain basic care information and recommended cages, with links to suppliers.

Do you home check as part of your adoption process?

Yes, we do.  Once an adoption application has been passed in principle we will organise for a volunteer home checker to visit you.  This many sound scary, but it really isn't.  The home checker is just there to check that you have the cage or enclosure ready for the animal/s you to want adopt and if you currently own rabbits to check vaccine record cards.  If you are in rented accommodation they will also ask to view written consent from your landlord to keep pets.

Can I visit the rescue to view the animals?

Yes, once a home check has been carried out we will be able to book an appointment for you to visit the centre and meet the animals. We usually have availability for appointments between the hours of 1oam-12pm on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. At present we are unable to cater for visits to the centre prior to the completion of a home check due to the availability of the small human team who run the rescue.

Are rabbits neutered and vaccinated?

Yes, all rabbits that come into the rescue are neutered and brought up to date with Nobivac Plus vaccine, if this hasn't been done in their previous homes, before being made available for adoption.  Rabbits who have been in our care for 12 months will also receive booster vaccines.  As rabbits are vaccinated on arrival, the length of time before their next booster is due will vary depending on when they are adopted.  If you would like to know the vaccination dates prior to adoption you can ask us after an adoption application has been submitted and we'll be happy to let you know.  All of the rabbits in our care also have their own vaccine record cards which will be passed on to adopters.

If I can no longer keep a pet I adopted from Nibbles, can I return it?

Yes, and in fact you must! As part of our adoption T&C's any animal adopted from the rescue MUST be returned to the rescue, in the event that the adopter is unable to continue to provide a home.


Do you take wildlife?

No, Nibbles is only able to cater for domestic species of rodents and domestic rabbits. 

Do you take ferrets?

No, Nibbles is only able to cater for rodents and rabbits.

I have a pet I can no longer care for, can I bring it to Nibbles?

Sadly, we always have more rodents and rabbits waiting to come into our care than good homes able to adopt them.  Therefore, we are forced to operate a waiting list for available placements.  As a responsible rescue we can only cater for finite number animals and this is dictated by the availability of housing, space, time, and funding. As placements become available when animals are successfully adopted from the centre, we are unable to give any estimation with regard to how long animals may be waiting for placements.  We do understand that this wait can be frustrating, but sadly we simply cannot offer placements to every single unwanted pet and maintain a good standard of care for the animals at the rescue.  Waiting list is currently closed due to the high number of animals currently in our care

Is there a fee for handing in animals?

We don't have a mandatory fee when surrendering a pet, however, we do urge you to make a donation towards the costs associated with keeping the rescue open and running.  Nibbles is 100% reliant on donations and fundraising to keep the rescue open and like all rescues we have to pay for all of our veterinary fees.


Can I donate an unused cage or hutch?

Thank you for thinking about donating an unused cage or hutch.  However, we are unable to make use of them at the rescue.  All of our rabbit housing is custom made to fit the space we have available and in line with the number of rabbits we are able to physically and financially manage.  We also have a set number of rodent cages which fit into our rodent cabin.  If you wanted to sell the item privately and donate the funds raised to the rescue you can do this via PayPal Giving Fund .

Do you offer an onsite rabbit bonding service?

At present our onsite bonding service is subject to available housing space at the rescue and the availability of our time to dedicate to the bonding process.  This can mean that at times we are simply unable to offer the service.  We are hoping in the future to raise the funds required to build a dedicated bonding pen which will enable us to make this service more freely available.  We can only offer this service to those adopting from the rescue and the service is free of charge.  We only ask that you provide food for the rabbits. 

Do you offer work experience placements?

No, firstly our insurance only covers for adult volunteers (18 years and over) and secondly we are only able to cater for voluntary help 3 days a week for a maximum of 5 hours a day and many work experience placements require more days/hours than we are able offer.

Are you able to offer placements to vulnerable adults?

No, our insurance does not cover for under 18's or those considered as vulnerable adults and due to the very small team behind the rescue we are unable to put the required policies into place.