Creating the perfect home for hamsters - what we are looking for when you apply to adopt

Hamsters make great pets and although they are small, they still need plenty of space to live happy active lives.  The minimum space for a hamster is 80cm x 50cm x 50cm, however female syrian hamsters generally need more space to prevent stereotypical behaviours, such as bar biting.  We recommend at least 100x50x50cm. Please note that ALL species of hamsters should live alone.

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Here's some cages we recommend 


Extra Large Hamster Mouse & Gerbil Cage with Perspex Front 90x60cm which can be purchased from Hamster Homes


Ritz Large Rat and Hamster Cage with Shelf - Black which can be purchased from The Little Pet Warehouse


Barney Hamster Cage Blue: 100x54x45cm which can be purchased from Bargain Pet Supplies

Other Basic Accessories

  • Wheel - hamsters love to run in wheels and should be provided with a minimum wheel size of 12" (28cm) diameter.  

  • Snuggle Spaces - hamsters like to have a number of different hiding / sleeping spaces, which should be filled with nesting material like shredded tissue

  • Toys & Enrichment - hamsters enjoy items they are able to run through, over and under and enjoy climbing.  They should be provided with a good selection of toys and they also love small cardboard boxes such as empty tissue boxes and even the cardboard tubes from toilet and kitchen rolls.

  • Deep Substrate - Hamsters love to dig, burrow and tunnel, so it's important to provide a deep layer of substrate to allow for this behaviour.

  • Sand and Soil - it is a great idea to offer a deep dish of chinchilla bathing sand and a separate deep dish of topsoil to allow hamsters to dig.