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All species of hamster require a minimum continuous floor space of 100cm x 50cm, however w

Here's some of our favourite YouTube videos 

The Ikea Linnmon Cage Hack

The linnmon makes a great cage hack to provide hamsters with plenty of space and the ability to burrow.  All products shown are available in the UK and with a little DIY knowledge you can create an amazing habitat for your hamster. 

Setting Up a Savic Plaza

Most cages come with wheels that are too small! Remember to add a suitable 12" wheel.  Grass mats helps increase the depth of substrate to allow for natural burrowing behaviours. 

Setting Up a Pawshut

This cage is 115cm x 60cm and may well need some additional work to fully hamster proof it, as it is fully made of wood and definitely not chew proof.  Some people add wall tiles to the inside to prevent chewing and allow for easy cleaning. You can also buy metal corner strips to cover the sides of the base. Please note, we will only accept pawshuts which have been have been fully chew proofed  

The Ikea Detolf Hack 

A glass display cabinet at a reasonable price from Ikea can become a great hamster home. You will need to build a custom lid to keep your hamster safe.  This cage measures 163cm x 43cm 

Setting up the Limmon Ikea cage hack

A perfect example of how to set up the limmon with lots of enrichment and burrowing oppotunites. 

Providing Enrichment for Your Hamster

Providing an interesting and stimulating environment is very important for all animals. Here's a great video to help you provide your hamster with an environment which will keep minds and bodies active.

Cleaning Your Hamsters Habitat

Bigger cages need less cleaning! Not only is it better for your hamster it is also less work for you! But how do you go about cleaning and why you shouldn't you remove all the bedding.

Providing a Healthy Diet for Hamsters

A healthy diet is very important for all animals, including humans, but it's not easy to get it right for hamsters. Here's a great guide to creating a healthy diet for your hamster.

Other Great Resources:

Hides & Enrichment:                 Happy Henry's Homes        Rodipet

Food, Treats & Sprays:              Sprays on Etsy      Forage on Etsy     

Know of a great online store selling safe hamster products? - Let us know to include a link

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