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IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR ALL RABBIT OWNERS - We sadly have to inform the people of West Wales that there has been a confirmed outbreak of RHD2.  The vaccine to protect against RHD2 is only just starting to become available in the UK and is slowly filtering down to being available with vets.  We would like to say a huge Thank You to all our supporters who have helped us raise the funds needed to get all our current rabbits vaccinated.  If you are intrested in adopting any of the animals we have looking for homes you are still able to start the adoption process by filling out an adoption application and we are still able to arrange homechecks.  However, collections of your new friend will have to wait until after the 15th September.  We have also released an offical statment in regard to RHD2 and the need to vaccinate against all three of these preventable, yet fatal, diseases which affect the domsetic rabbit. This statement can be found here and also includes information on when and where you can get your rabbits vaccinated.

Where little lives matter

During 2015 we helped over 200 small animals find safety, with over 180 of these animals being rabbits. To view the animals we have looking for homes click the adopt tab at the top of the page.

Rodents and rabbits generally don't engender the same level of passion compared to dogs and cats and as a result are generally very limited or totally excluded from more established rescue channels.  Despite rabbits being the nation’s third favourite pet (after dogs and cats) they are also sadly the most neglected, often confined to inappropriate housing, fed an inappropriate diet and many of their welfare needs neglected.  Thousands of rodents and rabbits are bred, bought, and sold within the UK every year and with a large proportion of these purchased as pets for children who quickly loose interest in their care.  This results in many becoming unwanted and handed in to rescue.  It is estimated that 67,000 rabbits pass through rescue centres each year within the UK and that on average there are 28,000 rabbits waiting adoption at any one time (figures from The Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund).   

Nibbles is the first dedicated and specialist rescue catering for all species of rodents and rabbits in the West Wales area. Nibbles HQ is located six miles from Cardigan, in between Eglwyswrw & Rhos Hill and we have a small number of bunnies located near Pembrey in Carmartheshire.  We do home all over the UK providing transport and homechecks can be arranged. We also offer a bunny bonding service if you have a single bunny looking to make a new friend.

We home all over the UK providing homechecks can be arranged and adopters are able to collect from the centre.  However, due to the limited number of rescue placements within West-Wales and the number of equiries we receive from people wishing to surrender animals we are only able to take in animals located within Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire and Ceredigion.  We only have a finite number of placements available and are always running to capacity, so if you need to surrender your pet please be prepared to be placed on a waiting list.  Placements become available when animals are adopted from the centre.

We opened in January 2015 after becoming alerted to the problem unwanted rodents and rabbits faced in the local area. Before Nibbles, rescue placements for small pets were extremely limited and many struggled to find the help they so desperately needed. To date Nibbles has helped nearly 200 small pets find safety and we always have rabbits and other rodents looking to find their adoptive families. 

Nibbles is totally self-funded and we rely on donations, auctions, competition and events to help meet the costs of running the centre.  In the vast majority of cases rabbits arrive with us requiring neutering, vaccinating and worming before we can make them available for adoption.  This costs the rescue £95 - £115 depending on sex and weight.  Our adoption fees cover vaccinating and worming but not neutering.