Building a Brighter Future for unwanted and unloved rabbits - will you join us?

Anyone who works in rescue will tell you that it's relentless. We do what we do because we are desperate to make a difference, to prevent animals suffering, to protect them, to love and nurture them and to ensure that they have a bright future ahead. We are passionate about what we do because we believe that they deserve better and we are here to help when they need us most.

One of the hardest things to deal with is knowing that there will always be another animal needing our help. We wish it wasn't the case, but the reality is that there are far more animals becoming unwanted on a daily basis than ever before. A recent survey found that nearly half of first time rabbit owners who purchased their rabbits during the pandemic regret it. Unaware of the amount of work involved and now they have returned to work and leisure activities have reopened, no one wants to care for the rabbits.

The pandemic has only made matters worse, sadly rabbits and rodents have been purchased on the belief that they are easy, cheap and low maintenance pets for many years prior. The idea that children are capable of undertaking the long term commitment of their care and welfare, and parents unwilling to take responsibility when children grow bored. It's the most common reason for rabbits entering rescues all across the UK.

The vast majority arrive in rescues unneutered and unvaccinated, and require dental treatment as a result of unsuitable diets. It can take months before these rabbits are ready to start the search for a new suitable home, and in the meantime more rabbits have been purchased and more have become unwanted. The cycle doesn't stop and we are frantically trying to do all we can to help as many as possible.

It's incredibly difficult to feel so passionately about these animals, know first hand of their trials and tribulations, and be prevented from saving every single one you are alerted to. We are desperate to change their lives, and support them on their journey towards their very own happy ending.

Nibbles opened because West Wales urgently needed a specialist rescue able to cater these generally forgotten about companion animals. We strongly believe that rabbits and rodents deserve the same standards of rescue care commonly afforded to dogs and cats. Despite their small size, and the general misconception that they require less commitment towards care and welfare, compared to cats and dogs. We firmly believe that these animals deserve better and our entire team is passionate about our work at Nibbles. We opened with a single goal in mind, to provide a specialist rescue able to make a difference to the lives of these delightful companion animals when they needed us the most. It's been an incredible journey to have brought Nibbles so far, having started with nothing but a patch of vacant land. Over the years we've helped many rabbits and rodents who were in urgent need of a safe refuge, veterinary treatment and compassion, before they were able to find their new forever family. Throughout those years the hardest part has always been knowing that more animals urgently needed our help. This knowledge has driven us forward in every decision we've made with regards to the charity as a whole. What can we do to help more animals? Is the question we ask ourselves daily.

We need these three things to provide rescue support: 1) suitable accommodation and facilities for the animals coming into our care. 2) sufficient manpower to care for the animals while with us, and keep the charity running. 3) sufficient funding to cover the day to day running costs and vet treatment.