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Vet Fees Appeal

Donate here and we receive 100% of your donation

Vet fees are one of our biggest expenses each month. From the costs of neutering and vaccinations, to treatment for illness or injury, and even the cost of dental treatment.  

So far this year our vet fees have come to over £5,000 in total.  

Providing the animals in our care with access to veterinary treatment is a vitally important part of our work.  Whether that's a routine procedure like neutering, or treatment for illness. 


We won't turn away an animal in need of veterinary care and will always do everything possible for a positive outcome. 

Your support of our vet fee appeal is urgently needed to ensure we are able to continue to offer hope to rabbits and rodent who find themselves in hopeless situations. With so many animals coming into our care, your support makes a huge difference to their lives.

Donate here and we receive 100% of your donation

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