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Tooth Fairy Appeal

Donate here and we receive 100% of your donation

So many rabbits arrive with us silently suffering and in urgent need of dental treatment to remove painful molar spurs. It's so common that it affects roughly 1 in every 3 rabbits arriving into our care. 

Dental spurs are incredibly painful, causing ulcers, sores and open wounds on cheeks and tongues - every mouthful of food is agony. 

Each dental treatment costs us at least £100 depending on the severity of the spurs and it's one of our biggest veterinary costs. 

IMG_0787 (2).JPG

We also have rabbits arrive suffering from incisor misalignment and require a full incisor removal at a cost of £250-£280 per rabbit. In many cases, these rabbits are surrendered into our care as owners are unable to cover the costs of treatment and the only other option is euthanasia. 

Your support of our tooth fairy appeal is urgently needed to save these rabbits and give them a brand new, and pain free, future.  With so many rabbits coming into our care needing dental treatment, your support makes a huge difference to their lives. 

Donate here and we receive 100% of your donation

Here's just some of the rabbits that you've already helped lead pain free and hoppy lives after dental treatment

Want more information about dental health in rabbits? Check out our dental health blog

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