THANK YOU for signing up to make a monthly pledge to Nibbles.  Through your regular support we can help to create more 'Happily Ever Afters' for unwanted, neglected and abandoned rodents and rabbits.

Nibbles is 100% reliant on donations and fundraising to keep the rescue open and running and your support is a vital part of helping Nibbles to make a difference to the lives of these, often forgotten about, companion animals.  

Your regular donation will enable Nibbles to purchase feed and bedding for the animals in our care.  It also helps to cover our on-going veterinary fees to neuter and vaccinate rabbits when they arrive in our care.  Many rabbits arrive un-neutered and un-vaccinated and this costs the rescue between £90 - £120 per rabbit, depending on weight and sex.  Rabbits regularly arrive needing dental work which adds a further £55-£85 to our intake costs.  Any rabbit in our care for more than 12 months and all sanctuary rabbits also receive annual booster vaccines costing £39 per rabbit.  Our rabbit adoption fee only covers for vaccinations meaning we have to raise neutering and dental costs separately and this is where your regular support is so vital.  We also have non-routine vet fees to cover when animals are unwell.

By making your monthly pledge you are directly helping to change the lives of the rodents and rabbits who need Nibbles help, present and future.  With this support together we can continue to create 'Happily Ever Afters' for many years to come.

Nibbles Rodent & Rabbit Rescue

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