You can sponsor one of our sanctuary rabbits who will call Nibbles home for life.  These rabbits need extra special care and attention due to on-going health or behavioural problems, but that doesn't stop them from enjoying life and living it to the full.  Help make them feel special by becoming a sponsor for as little as £2.00 a week and bring some extra love to their lives.  Your chosen bunny will send you a letter, photo, certificate, pen and keyring when you start your sponsorship and send you a card at Christmas and on valentines day.  

Who will you choose to sponsor?


The diva,with dreams and aspirations of becoming a social media star


The sassy one, who knows what she wants and how to get it


The shy guy, he's beautiful, handsome and aloof


The boss, she rules the roost and expects everyone else to fall in line.


The independent one, who likes things her own way and won't compromise


The kisser, who thinks every kiss should be rewarded with a treat


The cheeky one, who gets his bestie to do all the work and steals his treats

Sponsor a Hutch

By sponsoring one of our 12 rabbit housing units for as little as £1 a week, you will be covering the cost of booster vaccinations for our sanctuary rabbits and adoptable rabbits who have been looking for a home for over 12 months.  On average we spend over £500 a year on booster vaccinations. As a hutch sponsor you will receive a certificate of sponsorship, keyring and Christmas card.  Coming Soon

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Sponsor a Rabbit

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