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Please read the following information

Due to a recent RHD death (24/03/23) we will not be allowing any physical adoptions to take place before 24/04/23, but are able to reserve rabbits on completion of a successful pre-adoption form to be collected after this date.

All the rabbits listed as available for adoption where vaccinated at the time and the deaths were limited to 2 newly arrived unvacinnated rabbits living as a pair. We did have other newly arrived unvaccinated rabbits onsite at the time, all of which are currently safe and well (14/04/23) and have since been vaccinated. Please note that these rabbits will not be listed as available for adoption as they still require neutering and are therefore not ready to leave our care.

Unfortunately RHD is prevalent all across the UK and the only way to protect against it is via annual vaccination. Anyone wishing to adopt with existing rabbits must have at least 2 months remaining on current vaccinations, and we recommend an ideal of at least 6 months, just to be as safe as possible.

It has always been part of our adoption T&C's that any and all existing rabbits are up to date with their vaccinations and adopters continue with annual boosters for life. 

We cannot guarantee that we have fully eradicated the virus from the immediate environment due to the nature of the virus itself and it's ability to travel on the feet of wild birds etc , neither can be make any guesses as to how the virus entered the centre. 

We leave it to your discretion as to whether you wish to adopt that this time.


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