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Newbie Appeal

Donate here and we receive 100% of your donation

The vast majority of rabbits arrive unneutered and unvaccinated and our first step to finding them their very own hoppy ending is to get them booked in for vaccines and neutering.

Neutering is vital for all rabbits, both male and female. For males this allows them to live peaceably with another rabbit, providing comfort and companionship.  Unspeyed females have an 80% risk factor of developing uterine cancer by the age of 5.   

Vaccination is the only way to protect from myxomatosis and RHD 1&2.

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Neutering costs us between £90-£120 depending on weight and sex, with vaccinations costing £48.  Making a total intake cost of between £138-£158 per rabbit.

Our job at Nibbles is to provide hope to unwanted and unloved rabbits, who find themselves in hopeless situations. You can help us provide rabbits with a new happy story, ending in happily ever after.

Your support of our newbie appeal is urgently needed to start an unwanted rabbit on their journey to a brand new and happy future.  With so many rabbits coming into our care, your support makes a huge difference to their lives.

Donate here and we receive 100% of your donation

Here's just some of the rabbits that you've already helped start their journey towards a happy and bright future

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