Help with unwanted pets

Please note that we are only able to cater for domestic rodents and rabbits. Sadly, we always have more rodents and rabbits waiting to come into our care than good homes able to adopt them.  Therefore, we are forced to operate a waiting list for available placements.  As a responsible rescue we can only cater for finite number animals and this is dictated by the availability of housing, space, time, and funding. As placements become available when animals are successfully adopted from the centre, we are unable to give any estimation with regard to how long animals may be waiting for placements.  We do understand that this wait can be frustrating, but sadly we simply cannot offer placements to every single unwanted pet and maintain a good standard of care for the animals at the rescue.  If you would like to add a rabbit or rodent to our waiting list, you will need to complete an online form. 

Waiting list is currently closed due to the high number of animals currently in our care
Care and Welfare Advice

Due to the very small human team running Nibbles, are are sadly unable to offer care and welfare advice on an individual basis.  You can find information on rabbit and rodent care and welfare here with links provided to more in-depth information.  If you have any concerns with regards to the health of your pet, please contact a vet. The most local specialist exotics vets to Nibbles is Origin Vets.

Other Common Questions

You can find answers to other questions we are commonly asked here