The Bossy One

Mowanna is the boss and expects everyone else to fall in line, it's her way or the highway and she hates having her photo taken

Mowanna's Fact File

Breed: Cross Breed

Born: 2016

Arrived at Nibbles: 2017

Reason: unwanted pet

Suffers from: Liver and bladder issues

Lives: with Rachel and her husbun Bonzo

Loves: telling Bonzo what to do

Hates: change 

Why become a Sponsor

Our sanctuary rabbits will remain with us for life due to ongoing health or behavioural problems. Your monthly sponsorship of £8 is really important to help to keep them happy and healthy, covering the costs of their day-to-day care and veterinary treatment. We never give up on a rabbit with a manageable condition, your sponsorship is a vital part of providing them with a happy life, full of binkies. You can also sponsor a sanctuary rabbit as a gift for a loved one.


You'll receive a sponsorship pack which includes a letter from your sponsored rabbit, a certificate of sponsorship, a 6x4 photo, keyring and pen, along with a card at Christmas and on Valentines Day.