A Small Pledge Makes a Huge Difference

3 reasons why you should make a pledge:

1. When you sign up to make a pledge you help rabbits and rodents in need of rescue. Your support helps rabbits like Lindy....



Lindy arrived struggling to eat and in urgent need to dental work and the eventual removal of her incisors.

2. Together we keep West Wales' only specialist rabbit and rodent rescue open and providing a vital lifeline at our custom built centre

Nibbles has been entirely built around the needs and welfare of rabbits and rodents, we haven't tacked them on as an afterthought which can happen with larger multi-species rescues

Could buy some treats for one of our rodents


Could buy a bale of hay for our rabbits


Could provide a warm comfy bed for a month


Could buy a box of timothy hay for our rabbits


3. By joining our animal heroes and making a small monthly pledge you will create happy endings for rabbits like Bella and Alfie

Bella and Alfie were both adopted from Nibbles. Bella originally arrived as an unwanted pet bought on impulse.  Alfie arrived as a result of a house move and suffering from untreated dental spurs. Now happily in their forever home because of people just like you

Nibbles Rodent & Rabbit Rescue

Registered Charity Number: 1168657

Located near Crymych


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