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Your regular monthly support is vital for every rabbit and rodent needing help, because they are completely reliant on your generosity to assist them on their journey through rescue. Your support changes lives, provides bright and happy futures, and enables unwanted, neglected and abandoned rabbits and rodents find new and loving homes.  You can make a huge, real life difference to a rabbit or rodent urgently needing help by signing up to make a small monthly pledge today.

Could buy some treats for one of our rodents



Could buy a bale of hay for our rabbits



Could provide a warm comfy bed for a month



Could buy a box of timothy hay for our rabbits



Did you know that it costs roughly £570 a week to keep Nibbles open, running and bringing hope to rabbits and rodents who find themselves in hopeless situations. Unwanted and unloved, these delightful companion animals urgently need the help of a dedicated and specialist rescue and with your support we can be there for them when they need us most.

Every rabbit or rodent helped by Nibbles is a direct result of your kindness, compassion and generosity, so please sign up to make a small monthly pledge now, and join us in changing the world for one animal at a time.

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