The Scatter Brain

Georgie gets so over excited about absolutely everything, she completely forgets what it was she was so excited over in the first place.

Georgie's Fact File

Breed: Cross Breed

Born: 2020

Arrived at Nibbles: 2021

Reason: unwanted pet

Suffers from: Dental problems and heart condition

Lives: at HQ

Loves: dashing about as fast as she can

Hates: sitting still and being ignored

Why become a Sponsor

Our sanctuary rabbits will remain with us for life due to ongoing health or behavioural problems. Your monthly sponsorship of £8 is really important to help to keep them happy and healthy, covering the costs of their day-to-day care and veterinary treatment. We never give up on a rabbit with a manageable condition, your sponsorship is a vital part of providing them with a happy life, full of binkies. You can also sponsor a sanctuary rabbit as a gift for a loved one.


You'll receive a sponsorship pack which includes a letter from your sponsored rabbit, a certificate of sponsorship, a 6x4 photo, keyring and pen, along with a card at Christmas and on Valentines Day.