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We had no other Choice...

In June, we had no other option but to drastically downsize after a significant drop in funding starting in January 2022!  Sadly, this coincided with the worst time in living memory for animal rescues, with thousands of animals becoming unwanted as a result of the pet boom during lockdown combined with the cost of living crisis. Rather than helping when and where we could, we simply had no other choice but turn animals away when they needed us the most. 

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Our predicted monthly running costs for 2024 are £4,432 at full capacity, we are simply unable to meet these costs and even running at a reduced capacity we are fighting to keep the centre open. If our situation doesn't improve we'll have no other option but to close a further 7 kennels. Once the rabbits in our kennels earmarked for closure have been adopted, we will have no other option but to batten down the hatches and leave them sitting empty and gathering cobwebs. This is absolutely the last thing that we want to do, but we if can't afford to provide the animals at the centre with a suitable level of care, we have no other option. 

While we are being forced to close kennels, our inbox hasn't let up with requests to take in more and more animals.

How You Can Help....

This Christmas we are asking for your support in not only keeping Nibbles open, but enabling us to run at full capacity once again. We are desperate to get all our rabbit housing reopen and enable us to say yes to rabbits urgently in need of our help. We are desperate to get our rodent cabin reopen allowing us to cater for rodents once again! But we can't do this without the support of the rabbit and rodent loving community who loves these animals as much as we do and knows that they deserve the same standards of rescue care as dogs and cats. 

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By signing up to make an annual pledge of just £12.50 per year, you can help change the world for one rabbit at a time. Every Christmas you can bring hope and happiness to a rabbit  or rodent in urgent need of a safe, warm and comfy bed. We will look after them for as long as it takes for them to find their forever homes, whether that takes weeks, months or even years. We never give up on finding that special forever family and never put a healthy animal to sleep! 

Other Ways You Can Support Nibbles....
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