21st Century Guide to Rabbit care

This 24 page guide covers the basics in regard to modern day rabbit ownership.  Whether you already have rabbits or are thinking of becoming a rabbit owner in the future, this guide will help to give you the basic understanding of what is required to keep your rabbits happy and healthy throughout their lives. The guide covers housing your rabbits, why rabbits need company in the form of another rabbit, feeding the perfect diet, and common health concerns.

Start your journey into 21st Century Rabbit Care with this free guide and learn how bring your rabbits hopping into 21st Century living.  We have a limited number of printed copies available at a charge of £1.80 for p&p. To order a paper copy simply click the pay now button.

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We have a number of designs avaialble to order at any time from our online clothing store. All profits from sales are placed towards our ongoing neutering and vaccination costs of the rabbits arriving into our care. Hop on over and have a look at what we have availabe.

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