Rabbits Needing Homes

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Please ensure you have downloaded and read our minimum housing requiments

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the very small team of people behind Nibbles and the number of animals we have in our care we are unable to deal with any enquires with regard to the rabbits in our care prior to the submission of an adoption application.  

The minimum adoption fee is £45.00 for a single rabbit, £80 for a pair.  We have had to increase our adoption fees to cover the cost of the new RHD2 vaccine as well as the standard Myxo-RHD combi vaccine. Our adoption fees cover the cost of vaccinating but we have to rasie the funds for neutering seperately.  Each rabbit costs the rescue £95-£115 (depending on sex and weight) to be made ready for adoption. 

Currently Available for Adoption

Single Males

These handsome lads are looking for homes where they can be bonded with an existing female rabbit.


DOB: 2014 - 2015

Breed: Thrianta x Belguim Hare

Barney is a confident and outgoing bunny, but he can still be a little shy and nervous when meeting people. This stunning boy hasn't always had it easy and it can take a while for him to build trust.  Barney is looking for a home with an existing female companion and we expect he will require a slow and patient bonding process due to his past.

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DOB: 2013

Breed: Standard Rex

Nero is a sweet confident bunny who is very inquisitive. He does have some special needs and is therefore looking for the right home. He does have a very sensitive tummy and therefore needs a limited diet of fresh foods. He may also develop bladder infections in the future which will require vet treatment. We will of course discuss his needs with potential adopters.

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DOB 2013-2014

Breed: Mini Lop

Thumper is a sweet, curious little lad who is now much happier and brigher since he had his teeth burred. Thumper's previous diet wasn't great, however he is now tucking into hay with gusto. Any potential adopter will need to consider that while his diet has improved he may still require future dentals. With more one-to-one attention Thumper will blossom in the right home.

Curently Reserved Pending Successful Bonding


Single Females

These lovely ladies are looking for homes where they can be bonded with an existing male rabbit.


DOB: 2014-2015

Breed: Thrianta x Belgian Hare

Faith is a small little girl, being only slightly bigger than a netherland dwarf. She is outgoing, curious and very keen to explore. Although she can still be nervous about being stroked, she is happy to hop over and take a treat. She really is a dear little lass who will greatly benefit from more one-to-one attention. Faith is looking for a home with an existing small breed male who is gentle and laid back.

Reserved Pending Successful Bonding


Bonded Rabbits

These lovely bunnies are looking for homes together in their bonded pairs or groups

Han Solo & Chewy

DOB Approx Sep '15

Breed: Lionhead Cross

These boys are brothers and arrived in our care in Jan '16, with their litter mates after a family were sold a mixed sex pair of rabbits, believing them to be 2 females. These boys are very shy but are easily won over with a slice of carrot. They are looking for a home as a bonded pair and would suit a family with previous rabbit experience to help bring them out of their shells.

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New Arrivals

PLEASE NOTE: we are unable to deal with any adoption enquiries with regard to any new arrivals. As soons as they are ready to be adopted we will update their details.


DOB Approx Sep 2017

Breed: Mini Lop

Ginger is a very confident little girl. She isn't keen on being held, but she is very happy to hop over to you to be stroked and made a fuss off. She is out going , curious and very friendly. She does currently need to gain a little weight before she is spayed and complete her vaccines before she is available for adoption.


Rabbits requiring further medical / behavioural treatment


Ivy is a very special lady who is very scared of other bunnies at present.  She is currently in Pembrey and we are hoping with gentle and slow intros we can help her learn that other bunnies can be friends and not foes.  Ivy is currently not available for adoption.


Sanctuary Rabbits

These rabbits will remain with us for life due to health and/or behavioural problems.

Vinnie & Penguin

DOB Unknown

Breed: X breed and Dutch

These boys were rescued from very poor conditions in May 2015 and have been in our care ever since. They have on-going health problems as a result from un-treated EC and pasteurella and as a result will remain at the rescue for the rest of their days. These boys are utterly devoted to each other and are cheeky little monkeys who always make us laugh.

Seren & Marshall

DOB Unknown & 2012

Breed: X breed and English Spot

Seren came into our care as a very cross and hormonal lady. Since her spay her tempermant is greatly improved but she still has her moments when it comes to humans. Marshall arrived with us very underweight and in very poor condition. We were told he wasn't neutered but he doesn't have any testicles. Due to his age we decided not to put him through a GA to investigate. He doesn't behave like an entire male and with Seren being spayed there is no risk of a litter. But due to our uncertainity of his neutering stauts he will remain in our care for life.


DOB Unknown

Breed: X breed

Mowanna was left at the gates of the rescue and during her spay was found to have liver problems. At present she is a bright and happy bunny who has vastly grown in confidence and is no longer scared of the world. She loves treats and can't get to them fast enough and enjoys throwing her toys around.