The Adoption Process Explained

Firstly please ensure you have downloaded and read our minimum housing requirements, to ensure your current or proposed housing will meet the recommend standards set out by leading rabbit welfare organisations. Rabbits really do require that much space to lead happy and enriched lives. If you are unsure of the suitability of your current housing or would like advice about modifications please drop us an email.

If you currently own rabbits, they will need to be neutered and up to date with both their mxyo-RHD combi vaccine and the new RDH2 vaccine. For more information about RHD2 and the need for a second annual vaccine please click here. Vaccination cards will need to be viewed as part of your homecheck so please make sure these are available. If you are unsure about either of these vaccines we advise that you speak to your vet. Rabbits require yearly boosters for both vaccines so please ensure your rabbit’s vaccines are up to date!

To adopt from Nibbles you need to be 18 and over and if living in rental accommodation have permission from your landlord to keep pets. Please ensure that you have written proof as this will be need to be viewed as part of your homecheck.

Sadly due to time constraints we are unable to cater for visits to the centre before the completion of a successful homecheck. We are also unable to discuss the rabbits in our care prior to the submission of an adoption application for the same reasons. We have a very small team of people behind Nibbles and with the number of animals in our care we are unable to take such enquires prior to the submission of an application. In this we thank you for your understanding.

Starting the Adoption Process To start the adoption process you will need to fill out an online adoption application which can be accessed by clicking the orange ‘adopt me/us’ button located under the details of the rabbit/s we have currently available for adoption. The rabbits we have available for adoption can be found here

If the animal you are interested in adopting does not have an orange ‘adopt’ button then at present we are unable to take applications for this specific rabbit and therefore unable to deal with adoption enquires for them. Please keep checking the website for updates on availability.

Once you have submitted your adoption application we will be able to start the adoption process. We aim to reply to every application within 72 hours, if you have not received a response please firstly check your spam folders before contacting us again. At this stage we are able to either accept your application in principle or we will advise you on any changes you need to make. PLEASE NOTE: if you have previously submitted an application which wasn’t successful we request that you reapply once the necessary alterations have been carried out. We require you to do this as a copy of your application is given to our volunteer homecheckers who require up to date information to successfully carry out the homecheck. If your application has been accepted in principle we will then arrange for a homecheck to be carried out.

Please be aware this usually takes around 7 days from the acceptance of your application. Remember you will also have to have your vaccination records available for all your current rabbits and written proof, with regard to permission to keep pets, from your landlord in the case of rented properties. Once the homecheck stage has been competed we are able to book an appointment for you to visit the centre and the rabbits we have in our care.

Nibbles is spilt between two sites with the majority of the rabbits located in our main centre which is located 6 miles outside Cardigan. We also have a small number of rabbits located in Pembrey. All rabbits located in Pembrey will be listed as such on our website. We do offer a free bunny bonding service at the rescue for bunnies looking for partners. If you would like to make use of this service please let us know as part of your application. As of the 01/04/17 it is now our policy to send out vaccine cards to new owners 3-4 weeks post adoption as in some cases bonding has not worked out, with rabbits being returned into our care without their vaccine cards. It is vital for us to have these cards as without them we cannot make returned rabbits re-available for adoption.

If you are looking to adopt a single rabbit as company for an existing rabbit but we currently don’t have a rabbit available for adoption of the correct sex and / or age, you can complete an application to be placed on a waiting list for suitable rabbits.

To apply for a single male 

To apply for a single female 

We will acknowledge the receipt of your application and address any changes which might be needed to current housing or diet. Once we have a suitable rabbit available and providing your application has been accepted in principle we will arrange for a homecheck to be carried out.

If you are unsure of which rabbit/s you would like to adopt at the time of your application you are able to use the above links or just pick a rabbit of the correct sex and explain in your application that you would like to meet all the rabbits before making a final decision.

PLEASE NOTE: We are unable to reserve specific rabbits until the successful completion of the homecheck.

We also recommend that you download and read through the terms of adoption at this stage.