2017 New Housing Project

Investing in the future of unwanted, neglected and abandoned rabbits

Project Overview

To replace all current rabbit housing with new units which will:

    • increase living space for single rabbits while in our care
    • offer better protection from the fickle Welsh weather 
    • reduce annual bedding costs by the introduction of sleeping boxes
    • increase overall hygiene with easy to maintain and easy to clean units

To create a new housing block enabling us to:

    • increase the number of rabbits the centre can house at any one time
    • provide spacious accommodation for pairs or small groups of rabbits while in our care
    • provide sheltered and comfortable housing units that are fully functionable throughout the year

To create a three grass runs enabling us to:

    • provide the rabbits in our care with a spacious exercise area
    • provide an ideal space for rabbit bonding at the centre
    • increase exercise and enrichment for the rabbits while in our care

The new units will be constructed, delivered and installed by Manor Pet Housing who have worked with us to create long lasting and functional housing which will stand up to the high demands of  a working rescue.  All new housing will arrive treated with rabbit safe wood preservative to further increase their longevity.  All internal ‘hutch’ areas will be covered with vinyl to help protect wood and provide an easy-to-clean surface. Manor Pet Housing are also providing a litter tray hay bar with every unit to further increase welfare and enrichment for the rabbits while in our care. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the team at Manor Pet Housing, who have been unbelievably helpful, patient and accommodating during the design process.   

Replacement Units

Replacement of Kendal Combos - These units are starting to suffer under the constant need to powerhose and disinfect, they also offer poor protection from the winter weather and their overall design makes change over cleaning and daily maintenance difficult.  These four units will be replaced with three units which will increase overall living space for each rabbit.  Total cost of this replacement including accessories is £

Area at Present

Funding for this replacement has been provided by a grant from Support Adoption For Pets

Replacement of Diggers Den – This unit, while still in good condition does not provide adequate protection during periods of wet weather.  During the terrible winter we faced in 2015, enduring over 80 consecutive days of rain, the rabbits residing in this unit suffered from skin irritation from the water logged run.  We attempted to cover the run with tarpaulins but with the high winds these came loose almost as fast as we attempted to attach them.  This unit will be replaced with a single unit version of the three block unit which is replacing the Kendal Combo units.   The total cost of this replacement including accessories is £982.68

Area at Present

This unit has partial funding in place of £664.12 (donated from Pettifor Trust, Rabbit Welfare Assocation and Fund, Pledge A Pound for Rabbits and other private donations).  Funding of £318.56 still required to complete this unit.

Replacement of Carrots Cabin – sadly this unit didn’t even last us one winter before it literally fell apart.  The area is now vacant awaiting the replacement.  The replacement unit will once again increase living space and also provide suitable space for a large/giant breed rabbit.  The unit will consist of a 6’x3’ Bunny Bothy with a 6’x4’ full height  and fully covered run attached to the front.  Internally the bothy provides a second storey play shelf further increasing floor space. Total cost of this replacement including accessories £1,014.71

Area at Present

This unit still requires full funding

Replacement for Winston’s Lodge – This unit was donated to us by a supporter when we first open the rescue to help provide accommodation for the rabbits.  This unit does not provide ideal accommodation for rabbits and we have used this unit in cases of emergency.  Sadly there is always an emergency and for much of the past 24 months this unit has been in use.  The replacement for this unit dramatically increases living space and more suitable accommodation for a single rabbit.  Total cost of this replacement including accessories £890.88

Area at Present

This unit has been funded by a grant revieced from the Pettifor Trust 

New Housing Unit

The creation of a new housing unit will not only enable the rescue to increase the number of rabbits we can house at any one time, but it will also enable us t provide pairs and small groups of rabbits with spacious housing until new homes can be found.  The new block will consist of 6 individual units, with each unit being made up of a 6'x3' bothy and a 6'x10' full height and fully covered run area, giving each pair 78feet of space to play.  To complete this unit the area of land needs to be cleared, leveled and paid to paving.  The total cost of this new block including ground works is £9,527.98

Area at Present

This new block still requires the full amount of funding

New Run Unit

The creation of 3 runs which will safely allow the rabbits to graze and have a change in surroundings during their stay at the rescue.  Each run will be 5'x13' proviing and exercsie and enrichment space of 65feet.  These runs will also provide the rescue with a space for bonding rabbits.  Each run has a 3'x5' covered area with paving slabs and a turfed area of 10'x5'.  Quailty wheld mesh will be installed under the turf to prevent rabbits digging out during exercise.  The total cost to provide these runs is £1950.01

Area at Present

These runs still require the full amount of funding