Mission Statement

  • To rescue, rehabilitate and rehome rabbits and rodents from the West Wales area.
  • To provide low cost neutering for the above animals to families on low incomes within the West Wales area.
  • To help educate the public on the correct care and welfare needs of the above animals and promote responsible pet ownership though the TLC campaign.
  • To raise funds to achieve the above via; direct donations, sponsor an enclosure scheme, adoptions fees and online auctions, competitions and raffles.

Rescue & Re-homing Policies

Due to the limited rescues placements available to the above mentioned animals within the West Wales area Nibbles will accept animals from the counties of Pembrokeshire, Ceredigion, and Carmarthenshire.

Nibbles is a non-destruct rescue and re-homing organisation, this means we will only consider euthanising an animal if it is in the best interests of that animal for medical reasons and only under the advice of a qualified veterinary practitioner.

Nibbles can only house and financially support a finite number of animals, this is to protect the welfare of the animals already in the care of Nibbles. In cases where we are unable to offer a placement to an animal(s), that animal(s) will be placed on a waiting list. Sadly due to the nature of rescue Nibbles will have to prioritise in relation to need rather than date of inquiry. Nibbles will do all it can to help animals in need of placements and if we are unable to take in animals ourselves will do all we can to find available placements for animals in other rescues.

All animals taken into the care of Nibbles are offered 'back up for life', meaning that if an adopter can no longer keep the animal(s) they MUST be returned to Nibbles and CANNOT be given, sold or loaned to a third party.

All rabbits which come into Nibbles will be neutered and vaccinated prior to being made available for adoption, vaccinations will also be kept up to date while in the care of Nibbles. Nibbles will require all adopters to continue with annual vaccinations of any rabbit(s) adopted from us.

Nibbles is happy to home the animals in our care all over the UK, providing we have an experienced individual within that area who can carry out a home check. On completion of a successful homecheck the adopter will have to arrange the collection of the animal(s) from Nibbles and cover the cost of travel expenses. Nibbles will only accept collection of an animal(s) from the adopter, a DEFRA approved transporter or via individuals known to Nibbles. This is to ensure the welfare of our animals at all times. If an individual has previously had a homecheck from another organisation Nibbles is happy to accept a written statement from that organisation and the organisation will be contacted to ensure the letter is genuine approval of a home.

Due to the limited rescue placements available in West Wales for the above animals it may in some circumstances be necessary for Nibbles to send animals to other rescues outside of Wales. In such cases animals will only be sent to rescues which are known to Nibbles and Nibbles will endeavour to send rabbits which have already been neutered and vaccinated but this may not always be possible.

Nibbles will not accepts adoptions from people under the age of 18 or to families where children (under the age of 18) will be the primary carer of the animal(s). Nibbles fully supports children being involved in the care of family pets, but due to the huge number of pets becoming 'unwanted' due to children losing interest, Nibbles will only accept applications from adults who are prepared to care for the animal(s) they wish to adopt.

All adoption applications will be treated as individual cases and in cases where prospective adopters don't meet our minimum requirements advice will be given and an offer to reapply to adopt an animal(s) will be made.

Nibbles is unable to 'reserve' an animal for any adopter. Once a prospective adopter sends in an adoption application form a home check will then need to be arranged and completed before the official adoption can go ahead. Nibbles will do all we can to ensure this process happens as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

The adoption fee for any animal(s) is payable at the time of collection from the centre, in cases where animals are being collected via a third party the fee needs to be paid and the necessary forms completed and returned to Nibbles before the animal can leave. ALL ADOPTION FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.

While animals are in the care of Nibbles they will be provided with all of their basic needs which include, but are not limited to; suitable spacious housing, correct dietary needs and requirements, routine and non-routine vet care, and suitable environmental enrichment.

Low Cost Neutering Scheme

Nibbles aims to provide a low cost neutering scheme for rabbits and rodents to families on low incomes. Eligibility for this scheme is judged on a case by case basis, while Nibbles would like to offer this scheme to all families on low incomes for financial reasons this is just not possible.

Promoting Responsible Pet Ownership

Nibbles aims to play an active role in promoting; responsible pet ownership and the correct a care and welfare needs of rodents and rabbits through our TLC campaign. The TLC campaign will also highlight the plight of unwanted rodents and rabbits as well as promote the importance of 'adoption' over 'buying' a small pet.