Hamsters Needing Homes

If you are interested in adopting a hamster from Nibbles you will first have to fill out an online adoption application. This will be reviewed and we will contact you to discuss your application.

Once this step is completed we will arrange for a homecheck. This usually occurs within a week of your application. However, all home checkers are volunteers who are kindly donating their time so please be patient while we find someone in your area and arrange a time when the home checker and adopter is free.

Minimum Requirements for Syrian Hamster Adoption: 84cm (l) x 48cm (w) x 44cm (h) cage with a wheel with a minimum diameter of 12cm and plenty of toys. A great place to look for hamster cages is Zooplus and we recommend Hamster Heaven Metro Cage from Savic, Barney Pet Cage, Alexander Small Pet Cage and Alaska Hamster Cage.  A great place to look for toys and cage accessories is Viovet For more information on hamster care we recommend Hamster Central and Hamster Care

The minimum adoption fee is £5.00