Guinea Pigs Needing Homes

If you are interested in adopting guniea pigs from Nibbles you will first have to fill out an online adoption application. This will be reviewed and we will contact you to discuss your application.

Once this step is completed we will arrange for a homecheck. This usually occurs within a week of your application. However, all home checkers are volunteers who are kindly donating their time so please be patient while we find someone in your area and arrange a time when the home checker and adopter is free.

Minimum Requirements for Guinea Pig Adoption: 4ft x 2ft hutch with constant access to a 4ft x 4ft run.  A great place to look for suitable housing is Cages World as well as searching on ebay.  You can also look at chicken coops a minimum of 5ft in length.  If you are looking for indoor piggies then we recommend C&C CagesYou will also have to be in a position to be able to bring them into a warmer environment during the winter if necessary.  They will also require a suitable diet of hay, fresh foods and a quality extruded pellet. For more information in regards to guniea pig care we recommend you visit Guineapig Welfare

The minimum adoption fee is £10.00 for a single guinea pig and £15.00 for a pair of guinea pigs