Frequently Asked Questions

You are able to find the vast majority of answers to common questions and queries here! Due to the very small human team behind Nibbles and the number of animals we have in our care we are unable to deal with all enquires and questions promptly.  This page is here for you to find those answers quickly.  If your specific question isn't answered here please do contact us

Location: Nibbles HQ is located 6 miles outside Cardigan and houses the vast majority of the rabbits in our care, as well as, all the rodents.  We also have a small number of rabbits located in Pembrey.  If the rabbit you are interested in adopting doesn't specify a location then they are housed at HQ.  Rabbits NOT housed at HQ will be listed as such. 

Visiting the animals in our care: Due to time constraints we are unable to cater for visits until the completion of a successful homecheck.  We apologise for any inconvenience or disappointment this may cause.  

Adopting from Nibbles: To find out more about the adoption process for rabbits please click here.  To find our minimum housing requirements for rabbit adoption please click here.  We do offer a bunny bonding service to rabbits being adopted from the centre, sadly due to time and available facilities we are NOT able to offer this service to rabbits NOT adopted from us.  To find out more about the adoption process for rodents please click here.  To find our minimum housing requirements for all species of rodent please click here.  PLEASE NOTE: we are unable to deal with enquiries about the animals in our care until an adoption application has been submitted.  Full details about how to do this can be found by following the above links.

Surrending Your Pet:  If you would like to surrender a pet into our care click here;.  PLEASE NOTE: We can only cater for a finite number of animals at any one time to ensure we have the time and funds available to care for them correctly.  In the vast majority of cases we will be running to capacity and your animals will be placed on a waiting list for available spaces.  We are unable to place animals onto that list without the required information returned to us so please download the above forms and email us with the required information. 

Volunteering: To find out more information about the current volutray roles available please click here.  Please note that in the vast majority of cases anyone wishing to voulnteer would need to be able to travel to our HQ which is located near Cardigan. 

Supporting our work at Nibbles: You can find out how to support our work on our support page

Wildlife:  Nibbles is a rescue and rehoming centre for domestic rabbits and rodents.  Sadly we do not have the time, knowledge or resources to cater for wild rabbits and rodents.