Degus Needing Homes

If you are interested in adopting degus from Nibbles you will first have to fill out an online adoption application. This will be reviewed and we will contact you to discuss your application.

Once this step is completed we will arrange for a homecheck. This usually occurs within a week of your application. However, all home checkers are volunteers who are kindly donating their time so please be patient while we find someone in your area and arrange a time when the home checker and adopter is free.

Once the homecheck is complete you will be able to arrange a time to come and collect your degu(s).

Minimum Requirements for Degu Adoption:60cm (w) x 94cm (l) x 142cm (h) cage with plenty of wooden platforms to jump about on and chew. We ONLY recommend cages which are fully constructed with metal as degus chew and a plastic base will easily be chewed through allowing your degus to escape. We also DON’T recommend cages with uncovered wire bases as this can lead to problems such as bumble foot. You are able to cover bases with cardboard or replace with metal trays. Cages we recommend are Nevada rodent cage by Liberta, the 2nd Edition all metal Explorer Rat, Chinchilla & Ferret Cage, Savic Rat & Ferret Cage Royal Suite 95, Savic Suite Royal XL. A great place to check for cages is Cagesworld and Zooplus as well as having a look on Ebay. A great place for toys and cage accessories is Viovet You are able to use plain untreated pine for shelving which can be purchased at any DIY store. They will also require a suitable low sugar, low fat and high fibre diet mainly consisting of hay with quality extruded pellets and daily access to a dust bath. For more information on degu care we recommend Degutopia

The minimum adoption fee is £15.00 for a single degu and £20.00 for a pair.


Lola and Betsy


These girls are extremely shy, especially Betsy. Lola will come over to you to take a treat from your hand but Betsy just hides away. These girls are looking for a home with experienced degu owners, or a dedicated family able to help them gain their confidence around people.DOB 2013

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Horatio is a friendly little chap who is curious and condifent. He is looking for a home where he can get a lot of one-to-one attention.DOB 2015

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