Nibbles is a small independent rescue and rehoming organisation catering specifically for domestic rabbits and rodents, with our main centre and HQ located on the Pembrokeshire boarder, 6 miles outside Cardigan. Nibbles is entirely run by a minuscule number of volunteers.  Like all rescues we receive no government funding and totally rely on donations and fund raising to keep the centre open and available to the animals who need our help.

The vast majority of the animals in our care are housed at HQ which is nestled away on a small holding belonging to Siobhan and Shirley.  Rachel also has a small number of rabbits in her care at any one time and is located near Pembrey. 

We believe that rabbits and rodents should entitled to the same standards in rescue as those commonly afforded to dogs and cats. It is for this reason we homecheck on all home offers regardless of species and have a detailed adoption application.  The animals in our care, although smaller than their dog and cat counterparts, have already been let down by humans and a large part of our work is to ensure this will not happen again. We also have minimum housing standards for all the species adopted from us and these fall in line with the recommendations from leading animal welfare organisations. Once again these are in place to protect the welfare of the animals and ensure new owners are able to meet the needs of that animal. All the rabbits which come into our care are neutered and vaccinated prior to making them available for adoption; sadly it is not often a rabbit is surrendered to us already neutered and up to date with vaccines. This costs the rescue between £95-£115 per rabbit depending of weight and sex.  

Rodents and rabbits don’t engender the same passion when compared to dogs and cats, regardless of the thousands bred, bought and sold all across the UK every year.  Viewed as easily obtained, cheap to keep and requiring minimal commitment from owners, helps to contribute to the idea they are just as easy to dispose of when the children grow bored of their care.  With over 67,000 rabbits (The Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund) passing through rescues every year, and the uncounted thousands which are given away on internet trading sites is a stark indicator of just how many rabbits are purchased with minimal consideration with regard to their long term care and welfare.  Here at Nibbles we believe these delightful little creatures deserve better and our main focus is on providing every animal which comes through our doors with their own fairy-tale ending of ‘happily ever after’.

Meet The Team


The need for Nibbles became all too clear in December '14 when Siobhan was asked to assist in coordinating the rescue of, what turned out to be, over 120 rabbits. Having been involved in rescue for over 15 years Siobhan was shocked at just how different this case was from many others she had been involved with. This was not a hoarding case and all the rabbits were cherished and cared for, but sadly when the owners needed help, through no fault of their own, no one was there to help them. It took 10 months before the family found a rescue who would even listen to them, let alone help and that rescue was Greenacres Animal Rescue. This is where Siobhan was asked to step in and help, not only the rabbits, but also the family who had reached crisis point many many months before.  Siobhan tried to find rescues local to West Wales who would be able to offer placements to these rabbits and help them on their journey into new forever homes.  However, this search was fruitless and other than Greenares, who were unable to cater for so many rabbits in one go, there simply weren’t any other local rescues catering for rabbits.  As a result these rabbits travelled all around the UK to find placements and eventually go on to find forever homes of their own.

It was during this time Siobhan started to realise that West Wales was in urgent need of a rescue which was solely dedicate to the rescue and rehoming of rabbits and rodents.  Having purchased the small holding 12 months prior to this rescue, Siobhan knew that she had the space, knowledge and experience to be in the position to create such a rescue and at the end of January 2015 Nibbles Rodent and Rabbit Rescue was born.

In August 2015 Nibbles received a grant from Lush Charity pot allowing us to carry our vital work at the centre, including the purchase and installation of a cabin to allow us to house the rodents and post op rabbits. Watch our mini documentary to find out how that work went.

In August 2016 Nibbles became a registered charity

In August 2017 we embarked on major renovations at the centre to replace and upgrade all of our rabbit housing at the centre.  Over the past 2 years we had encountered a number of problems with the old housing, mainly associated with limited protection from the fickle Welsh weather.  We also wished to provide the rabbits in our care with more space, as well as, creating housing which was easier to clean and help to reduce the costs of bedding and hay wastage.  It took 12 months for us to complete phase one of this project which included opening up additional space for the rescue to expand into over the coming years.

View from gate
View of new area
Peanut and Butter Cottage
Carrots Cabin
Claire's Castle
David's Digs
Digger's Den
Margaret's Maisonette
Becky's Bunglow
Rachel's Roost
Winston's Lodge